Westland AntiTAC - Product range on the basis of Westland's microstructure technology

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AntiTAC - Wear-resistant and adhesive-repellent

New rubber covering for tension rollers in the label industry

Tension rollers are usually covered with silicone rubber. The reason for this is that proper functioning requires strong release properties (also called non-stick coating) and sufficient grip.

The new roller material D659-03 is part of the AntiTAC product family and was developed on the basis of Westland's microstructure technology. This gives the finish-ground roller covering a microstructured surface similar to that of a lotus leaf.

This microstructure reduces the surface to which a sticky material web can adhere. For example, if grid residues sticking to the roller surface after tearing off, it can be removed within seconds.


Good release properties

Wear resistant

Solvent resistant



Westland | AntiTAC - Wear-resistant and adhesive-repellent roller covering for industrial rollers

Because the rubber cover is permanently resistant to solvents, swelling of the tension roller covering is a thing of the past, as is the associated reduction in the anti-adhesion property.