LotoTec®-MRS: Modular Roller System

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LotoTec®-MRS: Modular Roller System

Fast Cleaning - Stable Production Run


Stable offset printing process, high machine availability and reduction of set-up costs with the LotoTec®-MRS: Modular Roller System.

Inking and dampening rollers with patented LotoTec® surface coating.

LotoTec®-MRS: Developed for sheetfed offset printers in packaging and commercial printing with frequent colour changes.

High-level printing process

Modular system

Quick and easy cleaning

Stable IPA-free printing process

Excellent print image

LotoTec®-MRS: Farb- und Feuchtwalzen mit der patentierten Oberflächenversiegelung

Hydrophobic surfaces: The lower the proportion of dampening solution in the inking unit, the easier and faster the ink and dampening balance is established.

Low surface roughness: The rollers produce a defined ink or dampening solution film and wet the printing plate much more evenly than rough, ground roller surfaces.