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Rubber coverings for dampening rollers

Fast ink-water balance

Westland dampening rollers for optimized dosage of moistener.

Westland dampening rollers with first-rate hardness stability.

Westland dampening rollers with an optimal rubber-metal union.

Westland WERO-brands for dampening-rollers

Material Hardness Color Application Features
C253-0125 Sh AblackDampening rollers in sheet-fed offset,optimised characteristics
C303-0130 Sh AblackDelta- or Variosystem.increased chemical resistance
C353-0135 Sh AblackCombined Ink-/Dampening form rollers atoptimised mechanical properties
C403-0140 Sh AblackHeatset- and Continuous printing.
Dampening form rollers at newspaper printing.
C254-1225 Sh AgreyDampening rollers at sheet-fed offset.Low ink trapping and transfer
C304-1230 Sh AgreyMetering- and ductor rollers at Heatset-constant functionality
and continuous printing.
Dampening transfer rollers at newspaper printing.
Material Hardness Color Application Features
C253-6025 Sh AredFountain rollersoptimised characteristics
C353-6035 Sh AredMetering- and ductor rollersincreased chemical resistance
Transfer rollers at newspaper printing
C254-B725 Sh AgreengreyMetering rollersextrem high chemical resistance
C304-B730 Sh Agreengrey easy to clean while using
less cleaner

with patented LotoTec®-Surface technology.

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