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Moving moments

95 years of the goal: Progress without halt

2014 Energy management certification according to DIN ISO 50001:2011

2013 Launched: Westland (Taicang) Roller Trading Co., Ltd., Taicang, China

2013 Launched: Westland (Taicang) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Taicang, China

2012 Launched: Ligum (North America), Kenosha, USA

2010 Launched: Ligum, Moskau, Russia

2009 Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry for LotoTec® Technology

1995-2009 Extension of licensing collaborations in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Iran, Turkey and Indonesia for the international roller business.

2005 Launched: WEROS Technology GmbH as a research and development company

2004 Launched: Ligum:Lutsk, Ukraine

2003 Launched: Westland Rollers Ltd., England

2003 Investment to Martin-Westland Soluciones Gráficas, S.L. Madrid, Spain

1997 Launched: Ligum:Glogow, Polen
Production of rubber sleeves for flexo

1996 QM-System according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 - Initial certification

1996 Majority participation to Ligum s.r.o., Jablonec, Czech Republic and subsidiary company in Poprad, Slovakia

1995 Launched: Westland spol. s.r.o. Otrokovice, Czech Republic
Production of rubber wheels, rubber gaskets and precision components

1994 Admission of Georg zur Nedden as CEO

1991 Launched Konrad Wiese GmbH in Fürstenau as a roller factory
Production of graphic rollers.

1985 Acquisition of Konrad Wiese GmbH as a 100% subsidiary

1983 Internationalization: Licensing agreements with companies in Singapore and Australian
for the roller business

1978 After Claus zur Nedden died:
Takeover of the management by his wife, Dagmar zur Nedden.
Expansion of the rubber roller manufacturing and launching of the precision components manufacturing

1968 Started the production of rubber rollers.

1959 Admission of Claus zur Nedden, Son of Ernst zur Nedden.
Production of footwear needs, rubber plates and sports goods.

1941 Relocation of production facilities to Westerhausen / Kreis Melle
(formerly known as Herold Treibriemen)
Production of Moulded rubber parts for the bicycle industry

1921 Change of corporate name to Westland Gummiwerke GmbH.
Production of Moulded rubber parts for the footwear industry.

1920 Start up by Ernst zur Nedden in Bredenscheidt near Hattingen.